About Us

About us


Founded in 2011, The Hippy Hole was set up in a small store in Liverpool.  We sell ethically sourced clothes and home wares from around the world. Our range changes constantly and we hope to have something for everybody.

Our team of tie dye wizards run a studio in Liverpool hand making unique tie dye clothes, custom requests are welcome just contact us to discuss any ideas that you have.

If your looking for the perfect festival clothes or something to wear every day we can help to make you look amazing!


Fair trade and ethical produce
The company was founded with the intention of sourcing and producing only ethically sourced goods that have been bought for a fair price.  We strive to ensure that everything that we source has been produced this way from the tshirts used in our tie dye production right through to the smallest items of jewellery.  Having spent time researching we have found that we can still offer great prices for high quality hand made and imported items.
Recycling, reusing and power
We understand that locally sourced goods give the lowest carbon footprint however it isn’t possible to get wheat we want from this country, we can trace all of our items to source and even if they were being made here the fabrics themselves would still need to be shipped into the country.
We recycle pretty much 100% of the packaging that we receive and any damaged items are recycled (see if you can spot broken necklaces and tie dye off-cuts jazzing up our hats!)  When we are away working events we run our stall from solar power so don’t need a generator to look great at night.  Our shop is inside a shopping centre so we cannot control the source of the power however we have replaced all bulbs where possible to LED or low energy and only run electrical where it is unavoidable.