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The Hippy Hole

Ornate Indian Tribal brass silver Septum Ring Seamless nose Goa hippy

Ornate Indian Tribal brass silver Septum Ring Seamless nose Goa hippy

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Ornate Septum Rings

8-10mm diameter.
S-Septum1: 10mm diameter. 1.2mm/16g
S-Septum2: 10mm diameter. 1.2mm/16g
S-Septum3: 8mm diameter. 1.6mm/14g
S-Septum4: 8mm diameter. 1.2mm/16g
S-Septum5: 10mm diameter. 1.2mm/16g
S-Septum6: 10mm diameter. 1.2mm/16g
S-Septum7: 8mm diameter. 1.0mm/18g
S-Septum8: 10mm diameter. 1.2mm/16g
S-Septum9: 8mm diameter. 1.2mm/16g
S-Septum10: 8mm diameter. 1.2mm/16g

Brass septum rings, made in India.

Please note: these rings are NOT hinged clickers. They open by bending the metal. Each ring is tried and tested prior to posting to ensure the rings fully open and close. The metal is tough to make it long lasting, this will loosen and be easier for you to open and close over use.


White metal rings are plated brass. Clean with a dry cloth and plain water if necessary.

NOT SUITABLE FOR EVERY DAY WEAR! These rings are made from BRASS. When brass comes into human skin for too long it can start to tarnish and can also irritate the skin. These septum rings are perfect for special occasions or keeping in for no more than 3 days. You can wear them frequently but please change your piercing or keep it out for at least 3 days before wearing again. This will keep your piercing clean and healthy and your jewellery will last much longer.

10 different styles to choose from!We also make these rings in 925 Sterling Silver, which I have personally tested and I highly recommend them for every day wear. Check out our Etsy Shop.

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