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Raw Crystal Necklace healing stone COBALT AURA QUARTZ reiki chakra protection gemstone

Raw Crystal Necklace healing stone COBALT AURA QUARTZ reiki chakra protection gemstone

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Raw Cobalt Aura Quartz Crystal Keyring

Natural quartz, uncut, set onto a loop and strung. Aura quartz is created by bonding quartz crystal with metals to enhance vibrations and synergy.

Clear Quartz bonded with Cobalt; exhibits vivid shades of metallic blue, violet and gold mixed. Even a small cluster removes restlessness and discontentment, and brings in special moments of joy. It is an excellent aid to creativity. Cobalt Aura is stimulating to the Throat Chakra and removes the constraints of self-expression that may hold one back in life, relationships or the workplace. This crystal increases one’s natural clairvoyance and healing powers, and when held or worn regularly, can ease the transition from personal spiritual work to formal training or turning professional. It is believed to combine the body’s own healing powers with higher healing. It is empowering to agoraphobics, and may be used to aid in absorption of vitamins and minerals, to improve the functioning of enzymes, and in treatments for diseases of the kidneys, pancreas, liver, and spleen.

As these stones are natural please note that every piece will be slightly different. Each one measures approximately between 1 - 2 inches. They are hand wrapped it copper wire. This process also means that every wrapping will be unique. This reflects its handmade qualities and is in no way to be considered a defect.

Each pendant comes on a 18 inch necklace.

Please note this listing is for ONE crystal necklace.

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