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Sage MEDIUM size Cleansing Smudging stick

Sage MEDIUM size Cleansing Smudging stick

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One MEDIUM bundle of sage. 

Estimated burns: 5-7


Our sage is ethically sourced from California. Air-dried and bundled it is ready to burn. 

Sage is traditionally used to cleanse one's space. It can be used on yourself, other people, your home, your work space, hey, even your car! 

Sage helps to clear away unwanted energies and spirits and can create a layer of protection wherever you smudge. 

Light the sage and allow the flame to burn out. Gently fan the embers to keep them lit, this will allow the smoke to release. Traditionally, feathers are used to fan the bundle of sage, however you can use any means. You can also blow on the sage, but please be GENTLE. No big breaths or you'll get a face full of hot ash. 

Be sure to keep an ash catcher underneath your sage bundle to prevent any embers or ash falling around, you're trying to create a positive vibe, not burn the house down! Abalone shells are used traditionally, but you can use any sort of ash catcher, a specially designed smudging bowl or even just a plate from the kitchen cupboard will do. 

When cleansing a space, we recommend you concentrate the smoke on the corners and thresholds. Ie: in the home, focus on the windows, doors, and corners of the rooms. 

Always keep a window open to allow the negative energies to be released from the space. If smudging yourself or a person, we recommend doing this outdoors or at least in a well ventilated room.  

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