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The Hippy Hole

The Hippy Hole Iron on pink Patch

The Hippy Hole Iron on pink Patch

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Iron on patches instructions:
You will need:
- an iron
- a damp cloth

1. Place the patch on the fabric you are fixing it to.
2. Place a clean damp cloth over the patch. Be sure to use a none colourfast cloth so colour doesn't leak onto the patch
3. Iron the damp cloth for 2 minutes, making sure you keep the iron moving to avoid burning the fabric.
4. Be careful, it's HOT. Remove the iron and damp cloth. Check the patch is secured, if so it's done, if it feels loose re dampen the cloth and repeat the process.

You can also sew them on to make them super secure.

Glue should affix to most surfaces, adjust your iron's settings depending on what fabric you are fixing to.

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